Capture the timing during a PowerPoint presentation.

A VBA macro that transparently creates a text file with the timing information during a PowerPoint transformation. Versions 2.0 and later are compliant with the Lecture Object architecture. It requires PowerPoint 2000.
Cost: free Platforms: Windows

Sync-o-matic 2000

Produce RealVideo based weblectures from a PowerPoint presentation.
Start from your PowerPoint file. Record your presentation using the RealProducer ActiveX control. You can publish lectures for CD-ROM, streaming server and web server. Very flexible, the final layout is very much configurable.
Cost: free Platforms: Windows


Publish in several formats your weblectures starting from a Lecture Object..
Very configurabile, allows to publish weblectures in several different formats. Everything is command-line, so that you can interface easly with other software. Websentation is Lecture Object architecture compliant. It requires you to record your lecture using a Lecture Object compliant capturing tool.
Cost: free Platforms: Linux



Record your talk, and create a QuickTime weblecture.
Powerful and easy to use. Start from a sequence of gif/jpg slides, record your audio or audio+video, and publish your lectures as a QuickTime file. Document camera support. Pointing and scribbling over the slides.
Cost: free Platforms: MacOS.8 or later, Windows


Match snapshots and scanned transparencies.

Software you might want to use in post-production if the speaker used plastic transparencies.
Compliant with the Lecture Object architecture.
Cost: free Platforms: Windows


Create avi file from a DV source.

Plug your DV (Digital Video) camera to your PC via a IEEE1394 port (aka Firewire or i.Link) and you can import your video in full DV quality in an type2 avi file.
Cost: free Platforms: Windows


Edit avi files.

Excellent program for cutting/pasting/merging avi files. You can also change codec, use graphical effects, resize the video, export/import audio track, and a lot of others useful features.
Cost: free Platforms: Windows


Automatize Windows operations.

WinBatch is a Microsoft Windows desktop automation solution take nearly anything your computer can do, and assign it to a simple menu selection, command or hotkey. Useful for making automatic repetitive tasks under Windows.
Cost: 99.95 US$ Platforms: Windows

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