BAFX Products 34T5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool Review

With thousands of reviews, the BAFX 34T5 code scanning tool just might be the most popular scanner on the market.

This is a simple to use scanning tool that works with Android phones and tablets via Bluetooth. The 34T5 is a great model that’s priced affordably. The compact design allows users to attach the device straight to a vehicle’s OBD2 port which is typically placed on the driver’s side of the dash.

This allows you to perfectly pair your Android tablet or smartphone, or even your PC, and operate the scanner using the Torque app.

 BAFX 34T5 OBD2 Rundown and Features

BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices Manual

This model can read and clear codes that can trigger the check engine light. The device can also complete a pre-test for your emissions system, which allows users to determine whether or not their vehicle will pass a smog test. This can save you both time and money, enabling your vehicle to pass an emissions test the first time. Also, this type of device can read sensor data in real-time.

This model works with almost all new OBD2 vehicles produced after 1996. All vehicles produced after this time must be OBD2 compliant.

This product has a reputation for supplying a steadier link and a much better data transfer rate, which results in a smoother operation compared to some of the BAFX’s higher priced competitors.

When used with compatible devices, this model is able to efficiently restart the check engine light, can read and explain all sensor codes and can clear codes, quickly.

With this device, you’ll be able to monitor things like throttle, O2 readings, EOT, velocity fuel trim, boost, acceleration and much more.

OBD2 Code Scanner Pros and Cons

BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Pros


The device can be used with the free app Torque. There is both a free and paid version. The paid version will allow you to use all of the program features. This model also comes with a one-year product warranty.

With a reputation for durability, this device will get the job done. We felt the scanner delivered faster, more detailed data. It’s also more efficient in providing detailed live data.

The included user’s manual and troubleshooting guide are very straightforward, making installation a breeze. Basically, you’ll need to plug the scanner into the car’s OBD port and wait until a red light turns on. Next, switch on Bluetooth and wait for the device to pop up. You’ll also need to download the Torque app for the scanner to work. Once the app is up and running you can go into the settings to configure the adapter. The scanner will connect and begin transmitting data from the vehicle’s computer. The device can read every single PID from a vehicle’s computer and will read manufacturer specific and generic codes. The scanner’s sensor data refresh is impressively quick. We also didn’t experience any issues with connectivity.

We loved the super easy setup, how fast the scanner connected to our Android smartphone, and the other app options you can purchase based on your vehicle diagnostic needs. The manufacturer offers consumers a few different versions of the app such as the free standard version, Torque lite, and Torque pro.


We felt that the lack of compatibility with iOS devices was a major downside for this model, as is the fact that this product uses Bluetooth technology only. The scanner’s included software isn’t the best. The Torque Pro version of the app will cost five dollars a month, but most users felt that the price was well worth it. The scanner is not able to read SRS codes for airbags and ABS. The trouble codes will only clear after you turn the engine off and return the key to the on position.

The MIL also won’t turn off if you clear the codes while the engine is running. While it’s easy for the device to pair with an Android smartphone, it won’t show up on your phone as connected. However, when the app starts up, lights on the device are triggered, indicating the scanner is ready for use. Once the app switches on, all you have to do is plug the device into the vehicle’s port to establish the proper connection for a scan. The amount of data you’re able to get from this device will partially depend on your vehicle. This isn’t a full scanning tool that’s able to control the vehicle’s computer. Instead, it simply reads the trouble codes. If you want to diagnose problems by adjusting valve positions and reading position sensors, then you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for more manufacturer specific add-ons. However, for the price, this device works perfectly.

BAFX Code Reading Scan Tool Conclusion and Rating

BAFX really outdid themselves with this model, doing their best to produce a low-cost code scanner that actually works for a wide range of vehicles. The company’s customer service team is fast and response, which is a huge selling point for beginners who need setup or troubleshooting assistance.

Overall, for the price, this scanner is a steal. Just keep in mind that it does have its limitations. It can read codes and clear them, but you won’t get much diagnostic information, which can be a deal breaker for mechanics who are looking for a scanner that’s pro quality. The other big issue is the price of the Torque apps.

The free version offers enough information if you simply want to clear a code, but it only offers very basic information. We recommend shelling out the extra cash for the other Torque apps which offers more features and detailed information. Basically, this code reader is a great buy for the beginner, but pros will want to look for a scanner that’s packing a little more power. Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four out of five stars for pricing, ease of use and overall quality.

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