In nuclear families these days, parenting can indeed take a toll on young parents – they have no help, and this is coupled with hectic schedules and work-life pressure. And no matter how hard you try, your child does get neglected, and this makes you worried. But in this smart age, you do not need to worry at all. Numerous gadgets are available out there to make parenting easier for you – let’s have a look:

Baby monitor:
There are tonnes of companies out there which have come out with this super-efficient smart gadget – which helps you keep a tab on all your baby’s moves without actually being with your child is probably the best smart device out there! Especially if you’ve just got back to work after your maternity leave, this is a must-have device for the new mommy who we know will surely be worried about what her little one is doing back home! Choose the right one and you’re all set!



Fisher Price Starlight Revolve Swing with Smart Connect:
If you want an all-in-one entertainer for your child – this Swing is just the best! It moves in swings, circles – it does everything you would do to appease your child and put him to sleep. And hey, it doesn’t end here – you even have a light show that will definitely amuse your little one! And what’s even better is that you even have a set of 16 songs to soothe your child and take him into the world of fantasy and dreams! Plus, you can control the device with a remote which is in your hand – indeed a cherry on the cake!

Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer:

Little ones falling sick is pretty common – and that really keeps you on your toes as kids have to be tended to more as their immunity levels are low. So what do you do? Use that same old traditional thermometer to keep a tab on your child’s temperature levels? Why would you do that when you Braun have come up with a new No Touch Forehead Thermometer with which you can check your child’s temperature without actually touching the sleeping child. All you have to do is hold the thermometer two inches over your child and the smart sensors in the device will detect the temperature and give you accurate results too!

So, smart parents out there, are you ready to make smart choices for smart parenting?

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