Tonnes of smart gadgets are out there – and the best part about these gadgets is that there’s something for everyone! And although these gadgets may be slightly expensive, the host of benefits they come up with easily compensates for the price you’ve paid! So what are the smart devices for students? There are so many super cool gadgets to make your student life easier – so read on!

Evernote moleskin Smart notebook:
How about converting your handwritten notes into the digital form? Is it even possible, you may ask – yes it is! Evernote has come with this cool notebook which allows you to convert and store your handwritten notes into the digital form. The technology in this smart book will enable you to move from paper to pixels quickly – and you can do everything with these notes – share, post stickers on the important ones – just like you would do with the hardcopy of your notes!

Charging backpack:
Well, you’ll no doubt be that smart student who carries around all the tech-in vogue with him everywhere – but what about charging these devices? We’re all aware of how our gadgets get drained out when we continuously use them – and the charging backpack is the ultimate solution for this ever-plaguing issue! This charging backpack has a battery cum backpack on the move, equipped with three USB ports and also six separate storage compartments to keep your devices and other stuff in the bag neat and organized!

The hectic student life takes a lot out of you – and although you’re young energetic and all of that, you tend to neglect your health no matter what. So how about investing in a FitBit that will help you keep a tab on your daily physical activity and also your sleep schedule? After all, taking care of yourself is more important than anything else, isn’t it?



Pivot Power Surge Protector:
Pivot! Pivot! That’s the specialty of this bendy plug-in device which allows you to charge six devices at a time. Its structure is so beautifully crafted that not even a single plug point is wasted and used to the optimum. With six plug-ins and a wire extension of five feet, this a must for you to keep those numerous gadgets you carry around charged always. Also, a great help for your group of friends too!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make these smart purchases!

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