When we hear about driverless technology, the trendy names are the ones that always come up first. Names such as Tesla, Uber and Lyft. These are the names that are often in the news, but they are not the only ones that are working on driverless technology. There are close to 50 companies that are putting a lot of money into the process of getting a fleet of driverless cars on the road. While not all of them will be successful, the work they are doing is equally important.

Amazon and Driverless Tech

Mostly known for its web services and delivery, Amazon is a giant that is entering the autonomous vehicle space. Their focus is not on passenger cars that will be able to take you from one spot to another. They are working on technologies that will allow them to provide autonomous delivery of products to their customers around the world.

The company already has small robots and such tech, which can deliver packages in a set manner. But these are more gimmicky than cost or time saving. And that is why the company is working hard on multifunction vehicles that can be run without a driver.

Apple Is Determined

Another tech giant that will not give up on future endeavors, Apple has invested billions into the driverless technology space. The company has their “Project Titan” in the works for a long time. They were first looking at putting out an electric vehicle that could have competed with the Tesla line.

But it does appear that project has become somewhat muddled with the desire of Apple to have its own driverless tech. They have already made some strategic hires to try and help them in this area, such as poaching individuals from NASA who can help them develop autonomous technology for cars.

Aptiv and Lyft

Aptiv has been working very closely with Lyft as they look to bring an entire fleet of driverless vehicles to the road in the coming years. The company is a spin off from Delphi Automotive.

Alphi has the software and sensors that can be placed on specific cars for autonomous driving. And the company is already involved in tests with Lyft in cities around the world. These tests are taking place in Asia, United States and other parts of the world.

Audi Goes First

Audi is one of the first car companies that will be able to sell a car that can be driven autonomously. The Audi A8 is their flagship model. Not only does it have all the specifications and amenities that you would expect from a classy Audi, but it is also entirely self driving.

The company has gone a step above some of its competitors, as it has managed to get approval for street use in Europe. It means that people will be able to start purchasing the Audi A8 for the purpose of being driven around by the software the company has developed.

As they have many personnel who used to work at Tesla, Audi is a name to take very seriously in this space.

There are so many other companies that are also working in the area of autonomous driving. It is difficult to say how the technology will look in three to five years, but it is clear that it is the future of driving!

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