Innova 3160e Code Reader – Scan Tool


The scan tools are necessarily required for automotive diagnostic work today. When the engine check light is on, you would have to look into the vehicle’s diagnostics with a scan tool or code reader to find out what’s wrong. On scanning code, you get a number that you check in the reference table to find out the problem with the engine. The fault code provides the owner warning about the starting of the problems in the car and not the entire problem. Innova 3160e scan tool comes with all in one features like check engine, Anti Braking System, and Supplemental Restraint System code scanning as well as streaming and recording of live data.


Innova Scan Tool is one of the popular and widely known scan tools by the customers. Innova 3160e is one of the newest models in Amazon online marketplace which is considered as the luxury Scan Tool available in the market by the customers. It also provides with oil and battery reset procedures. It also can stream as well as record real time data of the car to view it in future on tool screen or PC. It is widely in use by the automobile technicians as well as car owners to analysis the problem in the car and get it solved.

Who Should Buy These Scanning Tools

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    Automobile code reader scan tools are usually required by the owners of all the types of cars and small trucks manufactured after the year 1996 in order to analyse the problem and take precautionary action before the problem gets worse.
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    It is also required by the professional automobile technicians to diagnose the problem in the vehicle and take corrective measures to solve the problem.
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    It can also be used by car manufacturing engineers to check whether any problem exists in newly manufactured car.

Buyer’s Guide

Things to consider when buying Vehicle scan tool

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    The software compatibility of the scanning tool. Whether the updates of the software come or not is very crucial. Otherwise it will get outdated after some time.​​​​
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    Check whether the tool can be connected to the laptops or provides messages through Bluetooth.
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    The type of fault codes the tool can break and scan is of utmost importance. It should be able to scan maximum number of fault codes in order to provide reliability to the user.
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    The size of the screen present on the tool which provides information about the problem.

What makes the vehicle scanning tool good?

The good scan tool should be able to scan and erase various problem codes like anti braking, airbags, etc. quickly. It becomes much better if it comes with features like streaming and recording of live real time car data to view it later.

What features and benefits should the vehicle scanning tool provide?

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    It should be easy and simple to use.
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    It should be able to diagnostic problem by the scanning problem code when the check engine warning light is on.
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    It also makes the car able to pass the inspection as if the check engine light is on, the cars cannot pass the emission inspection.
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    It provides the warning to the driver about the certain problem to take precautionary actions.

Pricing & Purchasing Details

The automobile scanning tools have become a kind of necessity for car owners these days. However, it is for benefit of the owners as it warns the owner about the problem before it actually takes place. The price of the scanning tools generally depend upon the additional features it provides with basic scanning code facility. Overall the prices of automobile scanning tool are affordable.

Presenting the Product


Innova 3160e code reader scan tool is one of the most efficient tools available. It is very useful analysing the problem in case the Check Engine warning light gets on. It has ability to read and erase the anti-braking and airbag related problem codes. It is easy to use scanning tool which also all in one screen to display the code number. Due to its advanced features, it can also be used by professional technicians along with normal car owners. The customer support and service of the Innova Company is also good.

Product Information

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    The brand name is Innova and model is 3160e.
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    The weight of the product is 1.6 pounds.
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    Its dimensions are 7.8 X 3 X 10.8 inches.
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    It requires AAA batteries for functioning.
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    The company provides the warranty of one year period.

Features & Benefits

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    It diagnose and erase Anti-Braking System codes of most of the vehicles.
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    It also provides with step-by-step procedure to reset oil and battery.
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    It has ability to stream and record real time live data of the vehicle to provide more efficient diagnosis.
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    It is easy to use and contains all-in- screen as well as hotkeys which provide ease to users while diagnosing the problem.
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    The company also provides web based solution service to assist technicians in fixing the problems as the problem code generated on the device.

Pros & Cons



Its real time data streaming feature helps in quickly analysing the problem

It is not supported by all the car versions.

It is easy to use

It is less efficient in diagnosing SRS code.

It can also be used by professional technicians due to its advanced features

It can quickly diagnose the problems by breaking the problem code.

Social Proof

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    Innova 3160e code reader scan tool has got good customer reviews on the internet. It has been rated 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on amazon.
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    The product was reviewed by 1076 customers on amazon out of which around 62% have given five star rating to the product. It has been very useful for the drivers for scanning the problems and taking precautionary actions as per the maximum reviews on amazon.
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    Though some people were finding its functioning slow in the beginning, later they have enjoyed the efficient functionality of the product.

Alternate Choices

In case Innova 3160e code reader is not suited or is not available at that point, there are many alternate choices available for the customers in automobile scanning devices. Some of the alternate choices are as under;

Alternative Choice #1: LAUNCH Creader CRP 123 Engine/ABS/SRS/Tra​​​​nsmission Automotive Code Reader

LAUNCH Creader CRP 123 is one of the world’s superior car scanner. It is known for its power and functionality, along with providing vehicle diagnostic report. It supports extensive range of car models like BMW, Audi, Ford, GM, Toyota, etc. Its main function is to read and clear the fault codes of engine, ABS and SRS. It efficiently determines the reason behind the lightning of the Check Engine light and provides the results in wave form.

Alternative Choice #2: Autel MaxiDAS DS808 Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Automotive Scanner Code Reader with WIFI Key Coding

Autel MaxiDAS DS808 tool diagnosis the faults in the car using latest technology. It uses android operating system and quad core processor. It consists of 7 inch long LCD touchscreen display with high resolution. It also contains Wi-Fi connectivity feature. It has good ability to crack codes, record live data, adaptations and actuation tests. It also contains cloud storage to save huge amount vehicle records and technician notes. It is compatible with large number of car models across the globe.

Alternative Choice #3: ANCEL AD310 Classic _Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader

ANCEL AD310 code reader is highly efficient trouble code scanner with classic design. Its functioning is easy to use and even a newbie can use it. It is also available at cheap price as compared to other code readers. It contains LCD screen to display the test results. It doesn’t require batteries to function. It can easily diagnostic the reason behind the lightning of the check engine warning light and directly displays the results. It comes with 2.25m long cable and 4 buttons to move up and down on the LCD screen.

Comparison Table

Product Name

LAUNCH Creader CRP 123 Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Automotive Code Reader

Autel MaxiDAS DS808 Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Automotive Scanner Code Reader with WIFI Key Coding

ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader

Product Dimensions

9.2 x 8.3 x 1.9 inches

14.8 x 11.6 x 5 inches

8.9 x 6.9 x 1.4 inches


1.4 pounds

5.8 pounds

0.75 pound






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Thus, after looking at the overall features of the Innova 3160e code reader and its alternate options, Innova 3160e Code Reader Scan Tool is worth buying. The functions provided by this device are much better at the price, it is available. It provides relief to the car owners from the tension of immediate breakdown of the engine or any other part as this device warns the driver about problem before it happens and thus precautionary action can be taken. It can even stream and record the real time live data about the vehicle while helps in quickly analysing and solving the fault.