Launch CRP129 OBD2 Code Reader Review

The CRP 129 is the latest model from Launch, a company that has a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of OBD2 scanners. This model blurs the lines between a professional scan tool and a code scanner, with such features as service reminder reset, and the ability to graph and display live data for ABS and SRS. The scanner also offers the fastest DTC clear and read functionality around. Just like with other models of Launch code readers, codes that are manufacturer specific are built right in. You’ll also love the troubleshooting feature that lists the main causes for trouble codes. This feature will help you to tackle the job correctly the first time around. Other top features include free updates and the ability to print diagnostic information.

With so many functions to choose from, it comes as no surprise that this product is marketed more for the pro mechanic and experienced home mechanic than the novice.

Launch CRP129 EPB SAS Oil Service Light resets Code Reader For Mechanic and Experenced Enthusiast Super Durable

Launch offers an extensive line of code readers, but their newest model isn’t exactly their most user-friendly. However, it does feature the most diagnostic information and code reset options. We’d just like to see a model with these capabilities offer a more intuitive setup and user menu.

Using the Launch OBD2 code reader and diagnostic scanner comes with a number of benefits. This is a pro-quality model that’s pretty impressive in both functionality and design. This multifunctional scan tool is compatible with most vehicle systems including SAS, EPB, SRS, ABS, AT, and ENG. This device utilizes an advanced graphic display and system output, making the diagnostic information simple to monitor and analyze.

Launch Diagnostic Scan Tool Assessment and Features

Launch CRP129 EPB SAS Oil Service Light resets Code Reader For Mechanic and Experenced Enthusiast Feature
Using this model can save you time and resources. The tool’s features enable the mechanic or DIYer to enjoy real-time updates and an easy to use interface.

Users can insert an SD card to save diagnostic information, which is one of the top features the pros loved. There’s also an extensive diagnostic code library that offers plenty of helpful information, including a car database which newbies will love and come to rely on. The USB cable will allow you to switch the scanner on without having to use a vehicle’s twelve-volt battery. The product itself is easy to register and update. You’ll need to visit the manufacturer’s website and follow the registration and setup instructions.

This model can pretty much do anything that a professional scanner can do. In terms of usage, it’s pretty basic, so even if you’re not a tech you should have no trouble using this device.

This scan tool can clear and read all codes connected to the engine transmission, airbag, and ABS systems. But that’s not all. The compact device is able to retrieve more data from these systems, compared to competing models.

This scan tool is very reliable and can be used on most European, Asian, and domestic models that were manufactured after 1996. Unlike other models, this device is also able to reset and check the steering angle sensor, oil service light and electronic parking brake codes that can appear on the dashboard.

The initial setup process can take a little time, so you’ll need to be patient. After the install, you’ll be able to use the latest updated software, which comes with more features than the standard factory setting software. Once the first download is complete, the device will launch and connect much faster. Users will have access to free future updates as they become available.

This diagnostic scan tool works just as advertised. It features a faster response time and the OBD scans are very thorough.

Launch Diagnostic Tool Pros and Cons


The straightforward operations, prompts, and vehicle database makes using this scan tool a breeze. This scanner offers plenty of great features and not only offers SRS, ABS, scan modes, but it also works as a transmission scanner. It also features decent coverage on more than forty models and it’s compatible with both foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The free updates with code definitions ensure that you’ll get plenty of value out of this model over the years considering it will also offer relevant information and troubleshooting tips for the lifetime of the device. Aside from the four standard systems, this model is also able to reset the parking brake, maintenance lights, and steering.

The Launch customer support team is fast to respond should you run into any installation or troubleshooting issues.

With the use of an SD card, you can save important diagnostic data. You can also print off the diagnostics by hooking the device up to your laptop or PC via the USB cord.


There were plenty of complaints regarding the complicated setup process which can take about half an hour. Once you get past the setup and updates you’ll enjoy a faster start-up and connection time.

129 Code Reader Conclusion and Rating

The 129 does offer many of the same features that pro level models have, but the device is seriously lacking overall usability for beginners. If you’re not a mechanic, then you’ll definitely have trouble navigating the user interface or even understanding the diagnostic process. Fortunately, the Launch customer service team has a reputation for quick responses and helpful feedback, but if you don’t have any experience in the garage then this model may be more than you can handle. However, for the price, this device really does deliver in terms of functionality, and its ability to reset a wider range of codes. The included database will be helpful for users of all experience levels.

A great buy for home use for the experienced do-it-yourself mechanic, this is definitely a scanner you’ll come to rely on in the garage.

Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four out of five stars for the vehicle database, the wide range of functions, the free lifetime updates and the overall quality of this OBD2 code reader.

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