There is a lot of noise out there regarding driverless technology. It makes sense that it would be an issue that excites a lot of people. The idea that you can have roads full of cars that are being driven automatically is fairly incredible. And while it may seem as though that reality is far away, it is very close to becoming a reality. There is already so much testing that is being done on driverless technology by the major players in the industry. Here is our rundown of the pros and cons of the technology:

Safer Roads

A lot is made of the few incidents that have involved driverless technology. And while the tech has a lot of growing to do, roads full of driverless cars would be undoubtedly safer. All the cars would be following the proper protocol, while there would be no unexpected actions that are the result of flawed humans behind the wheel.

Affordable Transportation

Services such as Uber and Lyft would be even more affordable. While these companies have a huge cost in getting the technology over the line, maintaining it would not have much of an expense. And since there would be no need for drivers, their salary would not be factored into the price that you are paying for each ride.

Loss of Jobs

If there is one downside in relation to driverless technology, it is the fact that most drivers would be out of a job. Again, it is a process that will not be in full fruition for a decade or two. But it is the future that companies envision.

One would hope that countries would have some plans to help those drivers who would lose their job, through training programs to transition them into another industry. But it would be a sea change in the way the world works, as the concept of a chauffeur, taxi driver or car sharing would be gone.

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